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Who Are We?

We are PwnedNoMore, a white hat hackers' community, created by hackers, for hackers; a home planet for these Web3 superheroes, where they pursue their love and passion for the art of hacking, build extraordinary tools and safeguard our beloved Web3 universe in big and small ways!

What Is Happening?

We are hosting the first hacking event for our community! Challenges baked in house will be released for everyone’s fun — whether you are a newbie who wants to peek into the Web3 world, or a savvy hacker that enjoys making Web3 a better place. PLUS, a POAP exclusively designed for the event will be available for claiming, making it the first collection of your veteran status in the PwnedNoMore community!

Topic 0x00

In the first event, we will hand on the infamous re-entrancy attack! Here are some great materials you can take a look at in advance:

Cache Prize!

Two challenges will be released — EASY and HARD.

🥇 The first to solve the HARD is granted $300!

🎉 Solving the EASY is granted a POAP of participation.

🎊 Solving the HARD is granted a POAP of winning.


Sat, June 18, 2022 08:00AM — Sun, June 19, 08:00PM PDT @ http://win.pwnednomore.org/

How to play?

[TBA] Participation information will be released in the event Telegram on the game day.

Please mark June 17 on your calendar and come back to check on the day!